Thursday, November 24, 2016

"My Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2016 Sale!"

A cold rain is falling outside. Just a few more degrees lower, and it could be snow or ice. Early evening, and it's already dark. Though it is technically late fall, not quite winter yet, it is obviously time to cozy up!

So, I wanted to share some of the warm, cozy goodies in my shop that are just waiting to snuggle you in super softness, as well as my Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale, which has already started.

I love these blankets! They are really so soft and warm!! Me & my kitty cat have already started to enjoy our favorite movies while wrapped in them! (Hubby has his own! :)

Here are a few available now.......

You can also find all kinds of pillow covers, some to add a beachy touch, or my New York pillow covers that are especially popular in the colder months......

And so much more! :)

More info on my Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale :)

30% off Art & Photography print
15% additional off In Stock Prints
15% off all Pillows, Tote Bags, Blankets, Tapestries, Mugs, etc.
15% off Ocean Art & Painted Seashells
Canvases, Giclees, & Sets are already reduced.

2016 Shipping Deadlines:
US. Dec 20
Canada/Europe Dec 8 Australia/EE Dec 1

Find me here :)

See you there!