Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Hand Painted Seashells Inspired By Gems! "

As promised from my last is the update on my new "Gemstone" Seashell Collection. (See previous post if you missed it!)

All the "gemstone" shells featured in my last post are now available on Etsy, with the exception of one,  "Aqua Gemstone", which has already sold. :)

"Aqua" was my first seashell painted to resemble an actual gemstone/mineral. (So much fun painting these!) The pale aqua was heavenly & the natural markings of the shell were quite lovely. Not easy to part with that one! But hopefully I will find more shells with the same characteristics to paint with that luscious soft aqua. :)

Group shot here of "Aqua" on the lower left, Topaz, on the lower right, & Sherry Topaz in the upper center.....

My newest hand painted seashell is "Turquoise".....

I LOVE Turquoise! Such a beautiful gemstone for earrings, necklaces, & rings!

The back of this seashell is painted a gorgeous gold with strokes of turquoise at the top & on each side....

Watch for new "gemmy's" coming soon!

To find the ones shown above & more, just follow the link to my Etsy shop below, & click on "Ocean Art/Seashells, Etc." or follow the second link to get there directly.

See you there!