Friday, April 8, 2016

"A Bit Of A Collector..."

I am a "bit of a collector", I guess.  I don't think I ever really planned it.

In the past, I have collected drawings & paintings of others, museum post cards, anything by Monet and the French & American Impressionists, art books, art calendars, stamps I thought were pretty cool, and state quarters, at least for awhile. I'm sure there were many other things as well.

I have a deep love and respect for nature. Its beauty catches my eye. I have to explore it, watch it, and when possible, without taking away from anything else that needs it more than I do....collect it. As an artist, photographer, and gardener, I guess that isn't too surprising.

In the park, I collect uninhabited bird nests (who can resist?), flower petals that have fallen, and acorns when they are abundant. I bring them home to the squirrels & occasional chipmunks in our backyard. Thankfully, my sweet, under-standing husband, patiently endures and even helps out.

At the beach, I collect endless photos, inspiration, and seashells to paint later. I watch the waves and birds for hours, pick up handfuls of sand, and marvel at the tiny grains and sparkling beauty as the sun shines on it. I love sea glass and collect it when I can.

I am an avid collector of beautiful memories.

I love anything that sparkles or shimmers, and, no doubt, would probably collect raindrops & snowflakes too, if it were possible. I have collected many, many things.

Years ago, I had also started a very special that I had almost forgotten about.

My next post will tell you all about it & introduce you to my new collection with photos :)

See you then!


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