Thursday, April 14, 2016

"My New Collection"

So, now let me tell you what happened......

I usually spend a lot of time at my desk, editing, posting, listing, etc.  So, I knew when I finally got a chance, I wanted more time in my studio to paint. The studio is quite large and has room for all of my work & our very friendly cat who checks in often to make sure I'm doing things right, and for a cuddle or two. In spite of the size and contents of my room, it is all reasonably tidy, maybe too tidy. I can seldom get away from the desk to do much else.

So, a few months ago, I took a little winter break, and I was able to get in the studio and paint on an almost daily basis. (Bliss! :)  I also found some time to catch up on some much needed "relax, do nothing, & watch some TV" time. 

One of my favorite shows to watch is the Weather Channel's "Prospectors".  While I don't climb to the top of Mt. Antero looking for rocks, & seriously couldn't if my life depended on it, I, too, am a rock hound! I just l-o-v-e watching them dig by hand or machine, deep into the earth (& sometimes, not so deeply), and pull out what looks to me like a piece of muddy rock. Then they hold it up, give it wipe, let the sun shine on it.....& there it is! 

Beautiful blue Aquamarine, deep, rich Topaz, lovely Sherry Topaz, amazingly green & turquoise Amazonite, awesome purple Fluorite, sparkling clear quartz, & more! And then I started to remember a collection I had almost forgotten about. My own rock collection!

For quite awhile, I had collected, oh so pretty, rocks.  Amethyst, quartz, geodes, & some I didn't even know the names of. One or two were smooth & tumbled, but most, my favorites, were just as nature had made them, some rough, some enhanced by faceting, clean & sparkling, but still closer to their natural forms. (I had even collected rocks in the past at the beach the waves had washed in.)

I loved them! This show had brought back memories & renewed my interest. So, of course, I had to dig them out! Not so hard, since they were in a dish in the studio. As I looked at each one, they were so beautiful!!

Naturally, the thought came to me, "How could I bring the beauty of the stones into my work?" I gave this quite a bit of thought for awhile. I started using them as props for my handpainted seashells. They added another touch of nature, enhanced the colors in the shells, & sometimes literally propped up the shells up so I could get a better photo of them. But, I wanted something more. I wanted to share these stones & the ones I had seen on "The Prospectors" in an even fuller way. I wasn't about to take up actual rock climbing, not many buried gemstones out my way. What could I do? I sketched a few crystals here & there. Played around with all sorts of ideas.....(some still to be shared!).  Maybe taking photos of the shells with the stones helped.  Somewhere in the process, it came to me!

I decided to see if I could paint my seashells like some of the beautiful stones I had seen & even owned! (insert excited squeal here! :) So, that sent me to my brushes & paints..... and my new "Gemstone Collection" was born! Each one will be shared both in my Etsy shop, on facebook, & here as they come out so you can see them up close & learn more about them!

Hopefully, you are as excited about them as I am! Okay, that may not be possible, but I do hope you like them...a lot! :)

My new "Gemstone Collection"....on seashells!


"Sherry Topaz"



Aren't they just "gemmy"?

Soon to be released on Etsy! :)

Please note: While all of my seashells are shown with actual minerals, they are not necessarily of the same type as the painted seashells. When it comes to props, I use whatever works! :)

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