Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Nod To Spring in Central Park, On The Way To Summer...

"Seasons come, and seasons go" quickly!

So very glad winter is well over, spring has sprung, & summer is surely on the way. (Definitely, not a moment too soon!)

Having said all that, one of my most favorite things about spring is, of course, the beautiful flowers & trees that come to life after a long winter of being blanketed in pure, snowy white.

Whether it is tulips in Central Park, wisteria dangling before my eyes & camera lens, (locally or in NYC), pink blossoms on fruit trees, daisies, etc., it's all good.....very good! :)

Here are a few pics taken one spring in Central Park, yet to be shared, until now, & will be available soon on Etsy.

This beautiful pergola was across from the Dakota Apartments on 72nd Street, Central Park West, which was formerly the home of John Lennon. (well known songwriter, composer, & former member of "The Beatles".) Such a lovely spot!

Camera shy photographer takes a break to enjoy the moment!

Till next time! :)

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