Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Nod To Spring in Central Park, On The Way To Summer...

"Seasons come, and seasons go" quickly!

So very glad winter is well over, spring has sprung, & summer is surely on the way. (Definitely, not a moment too soon!)

Having said all that, one of my most favorite things about spring is, of course, the beautiful flowers & trees that come to life after a long winter of being blanketed in pure, snowy white.

Whether it is tulips in Central Park, wisteria dangling before my eyes & camera lens, (locally or in NYC), pink blossoms on fruit trees, daisies, etc., it's all good.....very good! :)

Here are a few pics taken one spring in Central Park, yet to be shared, until now, & will be available soon on Etsy.

This beautiful pergola was across from the Dakota Apartments on 72nd Street, Central Park West, which was formerly the home of John Lennon. (well known songwriter, composer, & former member of "The Beatles".) Such a lovely spot!

Camera shy photographer takes a break to enjoy the moment!

Till next time! :)

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Winter!

Okay....let's bring this blog up to date a bit on what has been happening with our winter!

I'd like my little assistant, "Poey" (pronounced, Po-e) to help out here.  Here he is.....

Gotta love that sweet little face, right? Well, Poey thinks he is in charge of shipping, since he loves boxes & ribbon.

So let's show you what's new in the shop......first up.....lots of tea mugs & coffee mugs, which are on winter clearance right now. You might want to catch one of these for yourself while they are still around. :) Snow in Central Park, how cool is that, literally!

"Scenic Bow Bridge" tea mug or coffee mug!

Next up: "Bow Bridge in Winter" mug.......

Lots of snuggly pillow covers.....

And tote bags are still available!

Also new! In case, you don't already can now find my prints & designs on Society 6! Just to let you will notice a price difference between my Etsy shop and my S6 shop. The reason for this is very simple. When you buy my work from Society 6, they take care of all my order fulfillment for me...that means, they print it, (your print will not be hand signed by me), they pack it, & they ship it out to you. Most of the profit goes to them, and you do save! When you visit my shop on Etsy and make your purchases there, you are buying directly from the artist, me.  I drop you a note on Etsy to let you know I have received your order.  I answer any questions you might have directly.  I order your item myself, & I hand sign your print, package it, and always include a hand written note and an extra goodie or two. (sometimes it is an extra print, seashell, whatever seems right for you!) So, there you have it! Your choice, and either way, I always hope you love your purchases! :)

You can always find me at Etsy here:

And you can find me on Society6 here:

Society6 also offers free shipping from time to time :)

So, there you are....all up to date with some of our winter items.  But I have to admit, I can't wait till spring gets here! We are having quite a winter! :)

Lots more to tell you, but.... till next time,


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Something Special To Share!

Can't believe it, but here it is a brand new year! This is the part where I say, "so sorry!" because time has once again flown by, and I haven't gotten back since fall. Autumn has passed, and we are in the middle of winter, as you can see by the snow piled up outside my doorway rather recently.

Well, to be more accurate, on top of evergreen bushes alongside the house, outside my doorway. How can that be??? Well, what can I say? Here I am, and I REALLY will try to do better! :)

So, what finally brings me back? Tomorrow, January 29th, 2015, ColorWorkStudio, will celebrate four whole years on Etsy! Yes, I will be starting my 5th year on Etsy! Amazing!

Can't let this pass without celebrating and thanking all who have supported me, and of course, I want to let you know here, so you can join me!

As part of my little thank you, I am also offering a special sale in my shop to show my appreciation!

This is the way it goes: $4 off any item of your choice, $25 & under with the coupon code "HAPPYETSY4", save 30% off items totaling $30 to $65 with coupon code "HAPPYETSY30", or save 40% off items totaling $70 & up with coupon code "HAPPYETSY40".

So, if there is something you have had your eye on for a bit, now's a great time to save...just be sure to put your coupon code in message to seller, and join in the celebration with me!

Hope to see you there & back here again soon too! :)

Must go for now...there is a certain kitty waiting to snuggle up in a warm blankie with me :)

Keri <3