Thursday, October 2, 2014

Want A Peek At What's Been Happening?

Still here! Yes, really!

I did take that summer break, and what fun I had! Relaxed a bit, even got down to the Jersey Shore, but I also spent a lot of time with my cameras, while taking a lovely look at nature around me.

As a gardener, and long time nature lover, I do have a passion for plants & the beauty I see around me. So, it was nice just to get away from "the desk" for a bit, enjoy some summer sun, & take lots of pics to share with you too! 

For now, as I go through and edit some of my "newbies", as well as some of my older goodies that are still waiting patiently, one of the best ways to take a peek at what's been happening till I can post here, is to visit ColorWorkStudio on Etsy here:

You can also follow me on facebook to see what's going on behind the scenes as well:

Thank you for stopping by, & Happy Fall! :)

Keri from ColorWorkStudio on Etsy

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Vacation!

Well, it's finally happened!

I have finally talked myself into a (very much needed) summer vacation! Yay, me! :)

ColorWorkStudio will be on vacation from July 25th through August 16th! Have a great summer & see you then!


Monday, May 12, 2014

More Spring Photography...A Walk in the Woods

Every year in March & April, I watch excitedly! Waiting for spring to begin....patiently watching for "spring" green to slowly inch its way up each branch and stem. Looking for tiny buds...on bushes, branches, & trees.

"Waiting For Spring"

On a somewhat sunny day in spring, camera in hand after a cold, cold, winter..... a walk along the wooded areas nearby. Suddenly, almost overnight, it all comes out....Peering through the new leaves at all the activity........

Watching lilac leaves, reaching out for the sunlight...

"Finding the Sun" is renewed!

"Woodland Delight"

They are refreshed......and so am I.


("Waiting For Spring", "Finding the Sun", "Woodland Delight", prints are all available on Etsy!)

Find them here:

Friday, May 2, 2014

New for Spring....Large Wall Art!

One of the many things new at ColorWorkStudio on Etsy this spring is.......large wall art!

Now you can find many of my spring prints available in sizes ranging from a "petite" 5" x 7" all the way up to 16" x 20" or larger.

A lovely spring day in Central Bow Bridge.....

Beautiful purple tulips along a Central Park pathway.....

Lovely white tulips beneath trees at 72nd street....

One of the many beautiful bridges to explore in Central Park.....

A lovely spot in a local park.....

with more on the way....

See you then!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wake Up, Sleepy Head! It's Spring!!!

H-e-l-l-o-o-o! Anybody still out there???

I sure can't blame you if you're not. Has it really been almost 2 1/2 months since I have last posted? So, very sorry about that!

Here's a bit about what I was up to :)

I had been expanding my product line, both on Etsy & elsewhere, which certainly kept me busy, but I also have to admit to quite a "winter rut" that I found myself in for awhile there. Whew! What a really long and rough winter we had. I started seriously wondering if the sun would ever shine again.

Apparently, my worries about that are over! The grass is just starting to get a bit green again, although we do not have any flowers here just yet. But, I did notice some daffodil leaves the other day trying to find daylight again too, as they push their pretty "spring green" tips up through the debris of winter.

So, there is hope. Spring is truly back & so, I think, am I! Time to dust off the cameras and edit the patiently waiting files from my last adventures in NYC and the beach. Time to get back to longer days of painting in the studio as the bright sunlight streams in, and almost time to set up the outdoor painting "studios", where I love to paint my seashells from the Jersey Shore or, for that matter, any shore.

Yes, the robins are back! The garden is waking up.....and so am I. There is hope!

Next time: What's new?

See you then???  :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Seashell Sale!

As part of my three year celebration on Etsy, now you can grab some of my hand painted seashells and seashell necklaces at 10% off the regular or sale price! :)

Here is a peek at what you can find, but be sure to check them out up close on Etsy!

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Catch you later this week:)


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just a Quick Hello!

Yes, this is just a quick hello! A new year and so many new things in the works!

This week I will be celebrating three whole years on Etsy! :)

To start the celebration, you can save 10% off any pillow cover or tote bag in my shop on Etsy until 11 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, tonight!

All you have to do is type coupon code, "SUNDAYSALE10" in note to seller to receive your discount. To see some of the items available you can scroll through my blog postings here, but be sure to stop by my shop, because there are so many more to choose from!

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So many fun things yet to be shared, but be sure to stop by here, Etsy, & my facebook page this week to see what else will be happening as I celebrate my three year anniversary with you!

Thank you so much for your support & being a part of it all! :)