Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"She Sells Seashells..."

Wow! Time has passed! My apologies! I have been busy, and I'm sure so have you.

Since I last managed to get here, things have been a bit crazy with the change of seasons. As mentioned previously, it was the end of beach season....but seriously, not really. Everyone seems to love the beach all year round, right? So, there were my hand painted seashells to get out there in Etsy Land. A painting or two. Some of my Autumn Photography to be "dusted off" & reposted....etc.....etc.....& then this "bug/virus" that has caught me ridiculously early this month and doesn't want to let go.

But, just a quick little catch up on some of what has been going on.

Remember that silly little rhyme? ...... "she sells seashells down by the seashore"? Well, I realized recently, that's me! lol! At least, in a way...not exactly down by the shore, but close enough.

And that is some of what I have been doing....painting seashells, some for decorative use, some as necklaces, and several of them have left for happy new homes.

This little necklace went to Denmark:

This one went back to the Jersey Shore:

And this one:

But more are still available: 

Until next time,
 Have a lovely day!


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