Friday, September 20, 2013

"Like a Big Box of Chocolates"

Like a big box of chocolates ... the ideas & projects are all laying in front of me....waiting for me to get to them all.  (Which one shall I pick first???!) They all look like fun....!

Like a colorful kaleidoscope....swirling & twirling in front of my eyes....dizzying! much flashing through my mind. I want to embrace them all, process them all, share them all! EEP!

I'm sure you've felt this way sometime too. But, I (we).... am (are)... just one little person (or persons)! Only so many hours in the day.....(yes, I've tried staying up half the night...often, that only works for awhile! :)

Do I have more new photos from the Jersey Shore on the way? (latest trip just a week and a half ago!) YES!

Do I have more new photos from New York City yet to be edited & listed? YES!

Do I still have that mannequin series from NYC to share with you? YES!

Do I have more hand painted seashells & ocean inspired jewelry on the way? YES!

New paintings?...YES! products featuring my photos & art ON THE WAY?...YES!....

etc....etc...etc....YES! YES! YES!

And then, I remember, it has been awhile since I blogged! And I have had visitors! :)))

So, I'm here to say, THANK YOU!!!

THANK YOU for stopping by, though it may take me awhile to get back here at times.

THANK YOU for stopping by ColorWorkStudio on facebook & Etsy to see what's new.

THANK YOU for your wonderful patience while I keep trying to share the goodies with you A.S.A.P!

A little something from my recent visit to the Jersey Shore......

Lesson re-learned........Don't feed the seagulls unless you want LOTS of company!

I actually love it when they do this, but there just aren't enough treats to go around to all the seagulls in NJ! :)

See you next time!


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