Saturday, April 20, 2013


I am quite late posting this month. So sorry! But I have decided that maybe it is better to say a little less each time, but post more often. (Maybe even a lot less! Now if I can just control the urge to ramble on, right?) Hope I don't bore you, but if I did, I guess you wouldn't be reading this. So, anyhow, I'm just popping in here quickly to share some of the goodies now on sale in my Etsy shop.

It's finally spring, and even though the weather can still be a bit chilly, there are signs everywhere! Flower buds, green grass, & lots of busy birds building their nests. (Did you know that if you leave small pieces of string (1-3 inches long???) here & there, they love "borrowing" it for their nests? We hung some bits of string out on a bush close to where mockingbirds were trying to build a new nest, and it all disappeared almost immediately! So cute!!! :)

Along with spring, comes time to redecorate! Many of my photos & art prints are on sale now and don't forget my "FABFRIDAY" sales if you are really looking for art on a budget!

Just listed today, all my 8 x 10 Fine Art Chandelier Photography is now on sale! French chic/Avant Garde/Shabby/Cottage styles to brighten and add a lovely luxurious touch to any room! Especially pretty in the dining room, living room, or for a romantic touch for the bedroom!

To find these & more, just follow this link to my Etsy shop :)
Cheers till next time!