Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And The Winners Are.....

And the winners of my giveaway celebrating two years on Etsy are....(as determined by random.org!)

Grand Prize winner is...Danny of Studio Yuki one 8 x 10 photo or art print!

Second & Third Prize winners are: Chelsea of Loud Waterfall Photography & Suzanne Harford of Suzanne Harford Photography! Both are winners of a 5 x 7 photo or art print!

Thank you all so much for taking part in my giveaway!

I know you all know what it is like to hang in there through the good & bad times, through the great days and not so great ones. To keep moving forward in spite of the moments of self doubt, and NOT give up, and finally look back and be so glad we didn't!

EACH DAY is a celebration for ALL OF US!!!

Cheers! :)

P.S. More photos have been added on Etsy! When you make your final choice, please leave it here, and I will contact you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As you probably know by now, ColorWorkStudio is almost two years old!

To celebrate this special occasion, in addition to my BOGO (buy one, get one-free!) sale on Etsy, now through January 31st, I am also having a GIVEAWAY!!!

There will be THREE WINNERS! Yes, THREE!

Grand Prize: (1st Prize):
Winner gets one 8 x 10 Photo of their choosing! :)

Second & Third Prizes:
One 5 x 7 Photo or Art Print each! Your choice!

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 29th!

So, what do you have to do to enter?


1. Be sure that you are a fan on my ColorWorkStudio  facebook page with your PERSONAL name:

2. Do check out the goodies (photos & art prints) on Etsy:
    (So many choices, so little time!)

3. You don't have to follow me here on blogspot, but it would be lovely! (It gets a little lonely sometimes! :) I might even blog more often! (probably not....but maybe.....I could really try! :)

4. Leave me a comment here and tell me what you would pick if you were the winner and why. (Telling me why won't really help your chances, cause we have to be fair, right?) But it would be fun! Be sure to leave your name & e-mail too! If you prefer not to leave your e-mail, check back. If you win, you can send it to me on facebook or Etsy.

5. If you are feeling especially generous, you could share this announcement! Thank you!

So, what are you waiting for? :) Let's party!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Times Square By Pedi-Cab!

It was the perfect unplanned ending of a perfectly unplanned day in NYC!

It had started out pretty much the same way, unplanned, other than the visit to the city itself. (See my earlier posts from December 2012.) No time to really plan anything. Just get there & see what happens.

This was just a one day getaway. Hopefully, I would be back again soon. (Once a year is enough for "hubby". Not his real name! :) But, it was now evening. With two cameras, (one my husband so kindly carried), a day crammed with events, the crowds building as always seems to happen when it gets dark there, (where do they all come from???), cabs disappearing, "occupied", or zipping by at warp speed......yes, we were ready to head back home now.

So, while trying to flag down a cab (almost impossible at night!), and having already walked, walked & walked!... ... my husband finally decided to try for a pedi-cab. We had never taken one. I honestly don't even know that I had really even noticed them before. So, he went over to this guy with a "cab" that consisted of a very small, but, cute, sort of "buggy".......like a small hooded vehicle on wheels......kind of like, half of a very small car that was attached to a bicycle! Lol. Yes, words "fail" me here obviously, but I think you get the picture....actually, you will in a few minutes.  (Sorry, about that!...it is late, and I am trying to post this and get some sleep! I seriously don't do mornings well at all, so it's either the middle of the night for me, or, the middle of the day! :)

I should tell you...I tried to talk my husband out of taking the pedi-cab. I kept thinking sooner or later we would get a cab to our destination, but he had had enough walking for the day. So, even though I was able to get him to tell the first one to "forget it, we'll walk," half a block later, he went up to another one and asked, "how much?" This time, the cabbie was so nice, and when I thought the price was a little high, (a cab would definitely cost much less I thought), he (the cabbie) said, "but this is DIFFERENT!" with a really big smile. Okay, I got what I came there for, lots of photos, I was happy. They won. I climbed in.

As soon as this little thing started to get pedaled out into traffic on 49th Street, I immediately noticed how much closer EVERYTHING seemed! Buses, "real" cabs, police cars, whoa!!! EVERYTHING! Newspaper headings of, "NYC tourists in pedi-cab run over by......." ran through my mind. At first it was scary! NYC traffic literally in your face, your side, and behind you! But it didn't take long for the fun to begin, especially when I realized he was heading right down toward Broadway & Times Square!

Speeding along in between all kinds of traffic, the beautiful lights were getting brighter & brighter!

We were seeing Times Square in a completely different way than ever before, and we loved it! Keep in mind, most of these photos were taken with a small Canon while riding wildly along and bouncing here & there! (Which explains the occasional blur that I feel adds to the drama and was just perfect for the occasion! :)

Too cute, right?


 Just imagine the cool evening wind in your hair and the awesome sights & sounds of NYC traffic all around!

Heading down past ABC's Good Morning America Studios here.....and more to come!

See you later this week with more of "The City That (obviously) Never Sleeps"!

But now I must! Good night & sweet dreams to all :)


Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Peek into my Studio!

On my last post, I mentioned that I have been reorganizing my studio. On facebook, I "promised" a little peek inside.

I was going to just put this there, but my post may have been a bit longer than facebook would prefer. Added to the fact, I am not completely convinced of how much actually gets seen on facebook these days anyhow, if you know what I mean.

I won't bore anyone with drawers, files, & spaces that have been redone. But it is so nice to have a clue of where everything is again! And I'm not including much of the studio, as you can visit my facebook page for a look into that in my photo albums. (A peek, after all, is just that, a peek! :)

But first, I just want to ask you...do you ever do things for others, but somehow never find the time to do those things for yourself?? Of course, you do! Right? Well, forgive me for being a little self indulgent, but I realized that it has been quite awhile since I hung up some of my own work in the studio.

The "gallery" area in my studio that I used for preparing for an exhibit, etc. has been kind of empty lately.  I haven't taken my work outside the studio in awhile.

I've done it all before....long hot days at the festival....dragging portfolios and all through snow & ice for exhibit...& more! Now, I enjoy the relative "climate control" of the studio. :)

My last public exhibit, though very enjoyable, found me packing easels, tables, heavy trunks (though on wheels) filled with framed photos, & surprisingly heavy small picture easels! Unfortunately, a slight back injury from it all left me unable to sit for about three months. Etsy keeps me busy enough, thank you!

But it was time for a change now. I wanted to have some fun too! One priority has been to put up some of the work that I have so happily received from so many wonderful Etsy photographers! Some of which I have had lying around (safely, of course!) for way too many months! I have a few up, right next to my desk (yay!) and some more yet to be framed. They are not included here either, but it sure makes me happy to look over at them!

But for now, here is a little peek at "my space". As you can probably tell, I decided to go with the season, all sparkly with snow flakes! "ColorWorkStudio" now looks like "ColorWorkStudio" again!

I just LOVE metallics! Though you can't really get the full effect of them here, I love the beautiful silvery pearlescence of photos done on metallic paper! Perfect for snow scenes in Manhattan.....or anywhere! (No, that is not a chandelier in Central Park up there! Please excuse all the reflections!)

So, if this is all it takes to make "work"  a little more fun, hey, why not, right? Now if I can just finish getting the other photos up next to my desk.....woo hoo! :)

Till next time, which will take you for a true "joy ride" down Broadway, NYC on a pedicab!

Have a great one! 

(happy) Keri :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year & New Things To Share!

Yes! I am back after my little mid-winter break, and I hope you had a great one too!

Forgive me, but there were changes that needed to be made.  A little time to reflect on where ColorWorkStudio is heading next, and a little time to reorganize and get things ready for those changes.

First, and most importantly, I had to reorganize my studio. At some point, you just realize that you have to stand back, clear out the old, and make room for the new. (And you have to reorganize things sanely, so that you have a clue of where everything is, which has gotten "lost" in the chaos of daily living & working! :) More about that later, along with details on what is coming! (And some new pics to share with you!)

For now, I just wanted to stop by, say "Hello!", thank you for stopping by, & for your continued support!