Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"What's New For Fall?"

As summer is slowly drifting into fall, part of me wants to hang onto the last bits of summer, of course. But another part of me is looking forward to the coziness of autumn too.

Love pulling out my comfy boots that I live in through fall, winter, & as long as possible in early spring!

Every year at this time, I actually do shop in New York for my NYC hoodies that will keep me so warm & cozy! (Yep, I do get them in Times Square or Canal Street!) They get a lot of wear, along with my fav beach hoodies, and jeans.

Time for soft throws, some favorite movies, (romantic comedies, if you please, life is tough enough), a kitty on my lap, & scented candles to ease me into the chilly weather. (Hubby, too, of course! :) As the garden lights come on earlier in the season, white twinkle lights through the kitchen window reflect out into the darkness. As the lights blend, they "clothe" everything in soft, reassuring light. Yes, this season can be lovely too.

Change can honestly be refreshing & fun, and with the start of this season, several new things are on the way for ColorWorkStudio on Etsy too!

For quite some time, I have wanted to share my art with you in other "formats". I love art that is also functional, as well as esthetically pleasing. And, you probably know how much I love coffee! With this in mind, I am happy to share one of my latest additions to my shop with you! My "Whisper" print is now available for coffee breaks!

Another fun thing on the way......ever wonder what it must be like to be a Manhattan mannequin?

This is the beginning of a series of photos taken on my last trip to New York City......enjoy!

"A Day in the Life of a Mannequin"

Autumn in New York! Now that's fun! :)
Stop by soon to see more for fall!


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