Saturday, August 17, 2013

NOT "The Shopoholic"

So, I went to New York City two weeks ago. (How can it be two weeks already???)

The whole idea was to have some home some, you know,.....SHOP!

I have to admit I am not a great shopper, as you may have guessed from my previous trip there. (Spent almost the entire day in Central Park taking so many photos, I still haven't finished editing them all....and no goodies.) Not even one.

Went to visit the Cake Boss Cafe on that visit.....did not bring home cake....didn't even eat cake! (Something seriously wrong with me....besides the chocolate allergy thingy, that is.)

Stopped up at Zabar's on the upper West Side also that day. A wonderful NYC food shopping experience with everything from gourmet goodies to kitchen housewares! (Remember Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail" sneaking around Zabar's with her little shopping cart, trying to avoid Tom Hanks?)

French olives? They've got them. More cheese than anyone could possibly know what to do with? They have it. Everything imaginable in cans & bottles. Fresh baked breads, cheesecakes, & delicacies? Yes, at least the last time I looked, which was in the springtime. On that visit, the bakery line was so long....I kept going.

Back to the olives...they have an olive bar. So, I thought I would try some french olives, maybe for salad nicoise. Mmm...then, this big guy comes in...walks right in front of me....and that was the last I saw of the olives. A lot of lip smacking was going on up there....I left.

Time was running out. Lines were l-o-n-g. No goodies. No cake from the Cake Zabar's bagels...or cheesecake..., but I didn't mind!  (Eep! There must be a pill for this!)

When I do get to the city, most of my time is spent behind the camera, and I do have fun! Although, I do love fashion, I am much more likely to "shoot" clothing than buy it, as you can see here. These are little snippets of some of my fashion photos from New York in the past. Check out the full views in my Etsy shop. (More really fun fashion shots on the way soon! Can't wait to share!)

On this visit, I looked, and looked. Here & there. Such fun! But except for a pretty new top at H&M, (one of my most favorite stores in midtown Manhattan), no new clothes! Sigh......but, as they say, "all is not completely lost!"

Thank you Hershey's in Times Square for my big cozy new coffee cup! Couldn't was so sparkly! And it was practically the only thing I could have in that store. (you know, that chocolate allergy wonder I have such will power with goodies, huh?) Although there was a certain strawberry shortcake that made me squeal in delight this summer. Tender yellow cake, extra rich whipped cream, fresh crimson strawberries! If it wasn't for the berries finally disappearing.......I don't want to think of what might have happened. (Those almost daily walks really are a necessity!)

So, there you have it. I love "The Shopoholic" movie, but that's NOT ME! At times, I really wish I could be more of a shopper, but I guess I just don't have the patience for it. I want to see things and do things, and I hate really crowded stores (like Macy's during the holidays!) and long, long store lines. And though I am usually very patient with everything else, super crowds in Times Square & even traffic, I practically panic in Walmart! Seriously! LET ME OUT! Let me out...whimper...whimper....

By the way, have you heard??? You can now shop H&M online! Woo hoo!!! I still like being there best, but, crowds, no lines, right?

Maybe this could work!

Until next time,

NOT "The Shopoholic", aka, Keri :)

P.S. To see these photos in full view & more New York Photography, just follow this link :) (thank you!)


  1. Haha, you sound so much like me now (except for the chocolate allergy, lol)! I hate standing in line and prefer to shop online (at H&M mostly!). But I'm glad you had a great time and enjoyed taking pics instead of shopping! :D

  2. What a fun blog!:)You atta girl!Glad you had a great time! Waiting to see your new pics!xxox

    1. Thanks, sweetie! So glad you stopped by, now it's even more fun! Have a lovely day :)

  3. We should meet & have coffee! We have a lot in common! :) lol! Actually, I only took about 18 or 19 photos. Can you believe it? I was just an innocent bystander in New York City, just watching it all pass by for a change! So nice to see you here, sweetie! :)