Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August!

Yes, I'm back from my summer break! I got a little bit of relaxation...a little bit of gardening....& lots of painting! Yay! Now, I'm refreshed & full of ideas & things to share!

It really isn't easy to just step back for a bit & take a break sometimes when you are so immersed in your daily activities, but I do think it is healthy & essential to see where you are heading & where you want to go.

One of the things I learned on my summer break:

How to Survive a Heat Wave!
1. A.C.!!! Cannot overstress the importance of air conditioning!
2. Long hair up as high as she goes!!! Whew!
3. 100 % cotton! (clothing, that is!)
4. Get REAL friendly with your local Deli!
5. Swim, swim, swim..."just keep swimming..." (nod to "Dory/Dorrie? in Nemo there! So cute!)

So, having said's a new month and summer still lingers on for us to enjoy. Hope you are enjoying yours to the fullest!

Be sure to stop by ColorWorkStudio on Etsy and enjoy some of my newest photos from my last trip to New York. More on the way! You will also find many new beach photos, seashells, art prints, and I will be listing all of the new things I had fun creating on my summer break! Seashells,  new sea-inspired jewelry, paintings, & more!

Believe it or not, I'm just back, but at the end of the week, I am (honestly) heading back to "the City"! But this time, unlike last time, when I spent the entire day "shooting" pics of Central Park (gorgeous, wonderful day!), I am supposed to actually SHOP! (heh heh, how hard can that be???!!!!) And hopefully, I will get a chance to enjoy some of the yummy treats I ddin't get to try last time!

So, until next time, here are few pics, prints, & shells to check out, many more to come.  Forgive me for not posting pics here, but lots of catching up to do! :)

See you there! And thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Yay! I'm so happy to hear you had a nice break! Yes, everyone needs one every once in a while :) Wow, and you're heading back to NY, you lucky girl! Enjoy shopping (you can always take pics of your new goodies!)!! xxx

  2. Yes, I didn't expect to get back so soon, but, pretty sure I won't
    "mind" visiting NYC again!!! Sure I'll find something to do there! lol! Thinking of leaving the big cam home & actually paying attention to what is around me without a lens in front of my face for a change though.(little cam in pocket, of course!:) Have a lovely summer, sweetie!

  3. Have Fun on your next trip :)

    I LOVE your work and look forward to seeing more of your New York trip :)

    (Totally jealous btw :) T.

  4. Thank you! Just a day trip...or I might need a pretty pink suitcase like yours, right? :) heh heh...thanks so much for joining us here & your kind comments!