Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Back to the Beach"

Yes, once again, it has been awhile since I have been able to get back here.

Aside from the usual crazy pace, there has also been a quick trip to the beach.....(awwww.....really needed that!!!).....and also a brief visit to New York City! So much fun! So, now I really have tons of photos to post, as is, or to edit, but also a story or two to share :)

I kept wondering how things were down at the Jersey shore, and although I only saw a very small part of it, I could see some signs of damage even in the area I was in.

While my main concern naturally is for the wonderful people of New Jersey (as well as areas in New York along the coast), I also wondered about the little feral cats that lived under the boardwalk in Atlantic City, which I had photographed a couple years ago. What happened to them???

Here are a few taken a few years ago:

"Sand Kitty"

"Boardwalk Kitty"

And here is another snap of the same "kitty":

 "Sleepy Kitty" He looks like he just woke up or needs a coffee break, don't you think?

We spoke with a woman who comes to visit these cats & takes care of them regularly. She said that some of the cats ran up to the higher areas of the Taj Mahal casino to safety and stayed there. While I did not see this black & white cat, I did see a larger cat that looked just like "Sand Kitty".

This sweet little feral cat kept circling the flower planter and then decided to get friendly with it. Thanks for posing so nicely, "Flower Kitty"! :)

You can find all these cute furry purries hanging around in my Etsy shop too!

More beach goodies coming soon, as well as NYC photos.
See you then!


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