Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Diary of a Mad Cupcake"

If you follow me on facebook, (you can find me here: ) you know that I have been promising something "sweet". Maybe I should have said "bittersweet"........ but mostly sweet! So here it is :)

It all started about a week ago. You know how you get "those" days. Life is hectic. You are always trying to keep up with it. But It's okay. You take it all as it comes. The "peacemaker", you smooth everything over. Nothing much bothers you. Then somewhere along the way.....something finally "gets" you! Wham! It might not be anything really big. It could even be something small that normally wouldn't even matter. But it was one of those days, and it came at the wrong time. Hmmmm.....what to do? How to handle it? Calm down...keep busy. Try something creative, but physical........BAKE!
Strawberry Cake with Creamy Homemade Frosting!

And so it started.......Get out the bowls! Drop in the batter, etc! Mix it up a bit......

Grab some eggs.....


 Oh.....someone's come to's Poe! (also known affectionately as Poey.) He loves to bake too!

 Add the eggs........


 What's next?

Beat It!

Whip it good! (Do you have any idea how hard it is to beat a cake and take a picture of it at the same time?)

Ever watch "Cake Boss" or "The Next Greatest Baker"? Then you know, "Bakers scrape!"

Pretty with Pink & Polka Dots......

Into the much used cupcake pan..........already smells good!

oooh.....sweet (but not too sweet!), creamy white, homemade frosting to finish it off! 

Voila! So yummy! Cupcake Heaven!

What was that silly thing that bothered me??? Not a clue! heh heh......:)



P.S. Some of these yummies will soon be available on Etsy! ( )
Watch for them! :)


  1. Love it (and Poe too, he's such a cutie!)! Hmm, it sure does look yummy! And it takes your mind off things, that's true! Have a fab weekend, hon! xxx

  2. It is! :) And a fab weekend to you & everyone else stopping by!

  3. Yummy -- you've made me hungry -- and only strawberry cake will do now I'm afraid!

  4. LOL! Hi! Thanks so much for visiting! :)

  5. LOL! I did see it ;) Damn, it made me hungry again and it's almost bedtime here!

  6. ya twice, huh? Oh well, guess you will be having strawberry cupcakes for breakfast, right? :)))))