Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter? Or Spring?

Okay, so I know it has been a bit of awhile since I have gotten back here to post anything. I admit it!

I have no good excuse, except life in general. (You all know how that goes :)

But let me explain.....

It happens every season. There is the remnant of one season overlapping the one ahead.

I'm sure you go through it too. Winter is leaving, and spring is just around the corner. And whether you can barely get up or stay awake through the dark days of winter, you get "spring fever" as soon as the sunshine even begins to look like it is finally returning. Everything shifts with the approaching season. It is the essence of change.

Your clothing changes. (Still too cold to put away the coat, but a hoodie would really be perfect for an unusally warm day.) Your food changes, (Skip the hot chocolate, and think salads, cause spring is coming, and you want to be "in shape".)

And then it snows again.....all day. Just when you thought you were really heading towards spring and you knew exactly what you wanted to accomplish to get ready for it. And you are SO ready for change!

But then comes......more snow....more winter.

And so it goes back & forth for awhile, until everything finally falls into place.

I had previoulsy started "cleaning" shop on Etsy....putting aside the winter things.....bringing out the beach things. (Like changing everything in your closet. Drives us crazy, right?) Well sort of.....that is kind of fun too!

And just as I started getting really happy that I was getting ahead of things, it started to get really cold again, even though it seemed like it was finally warming up! (I'm so ready for warmer weather, aren't you?!)

Bring on the flowers, the garden (though I was afraid it might finish me off last summer), and I'm already missing the beach. (And BTW, why is it that I rarely ever get to NYC in the warm weather????! Seriously, need to fix that!)

Then, yesterday, the snow started falling again, and much as I thought I was "over it", it was sooo pretty! Out came the camera, of course! (I had been "shooting" flowers!) But, the flakes were falling like dollar sized pancakes! Who wouldn't get excited?

Click, click, click....and then some!

On my next post, pics!


P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by, & a big "wave" to my new visitors too! :)

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