Saturday, February 2, 2013

Times Square By Pedi-Cab Part Two

If you read my post of January 15, 2013, (you can read that here:, you know that this was previously going to follow the first half of the ride through Times Square. Hmmm......"time and unforeseen occurrences"!

Things got busier on Etsy, there was my latest giveaway, etc., and, as mentioned on my facebook page, there have been computer issues! I use my desktop for all editing, but with it in the process of dying a very slow death....this has complicated things. So, it has been an infuriating, frustrating combination of desktop for this, laptop for that, to try to speed things up and make up for a ton of lost time. Oh well....on with it!

So, welcome back, to you & me, and here is the second half of our ride through Times Square!

Here we are right about where we left off.......another shot here where you see taxis rushing through Times Square, past the ABC "Good Morning, America" studios, Toys R Us, and the crowd control gates in the middle of the intersection, which help hold back the massive New Years Eve crowds!

Below you see, "Hard Rock Cafe". Please, do keep in mind, these photos were taken with a small Canon while riding wildly along, bouncing here & there! (No, I wasn't taking out the Nikon for this! I wasn't about to lose it and watch a cab, police car, or who knows what, run over it if it got tossed out into traffic! Eep!!!)  As mentioned in my last post, I do feel the inevitable blurring adds to the drama and feel of the whole thing and was just perfect for the occasion! :)

Woo hoo! Massive Toshiba sign at the other end of the square, which also houses the NYPD, and way up on top, in the back, the famous Waterford Crystal ball, which is "dropped" every New Years Eve. I believe you can see that here on the right. The blue glowing thingy above the lights on the side.

I'm tossing in a couple shots of the same building from the back side, which were taken a year or two ago.

A little closer here.....

Back to this one below....bokeh with a bit of a twist! Love the "dashes" of color! So impressionistic!

After our fantastic ride through the bright lights of New York City, looking back, I took a few last shots. My favorite, the Chrysler Building, was off in the distance, all lit up, like it was "waving" good bye! :)

Grabbing some hot dogs, knishes, & drinks from a street vendor, we took one last look back. Whoosh! The cabs fly by! 

The perfect ending to a perfectly unplanned visit. Good bye New York! Until next time.....

                     snap! :)


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