Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Peek into my Studio!

On my last post, I mentioned that I have been reorganizing my studio. On facebook, I "promised" a little peek inside.

I was going to just put this there, but my post may have been a bit longer than facebook would prefer. Added to the fact, I am not completely convinced of how much actually gets seen on facebook these days anyhow, if you know what I mean.

I won't bore anyone with drawers, files, & spaces that have been redone. But it is so nice to have a clue of where everything is again! And I'm not including much of the studio, as you can visit my facebook page for a look into that in my photo albums. (A peek, after all, is just that, a peek! :)

But first, I just want to ask you ever do things for others, but somehow never find the time to do those things for yourself?? Of course, you do! Right? Well, forgive me for being a little self indulgent, but I realized that it has been quite awhile since I hung up some of my own work in the studio.

The "gallery" area in my studio that I used for preparing for an exhibit, etc. has been kind of empty lately.  I haven't taken my work outside the studio in awhile.

I've done it all before....long hot days at the festival....dragging portfolios and all through snow & ice for exhibit...& more! Now, I enjoy the relative "climate control" of the studio. :)

My last public exhibit, though very enjoyable, found me packing easels, tables, heavy trunks (though on wheels) filled with framed photos, & surprisingly heavy small picture easels! Unfortunately, a slight back injury from it all left me unable to sit for about three months. Etsy keeps me busy enough, thank you!

But it was time for a change now. I wanted to have some fun too! One priority has been to put up some of the work that I have so happily received from so many wonderful Etsy photographers! Some of which I have had lying around (safely, of course!) for way too many months! I have a few up, right next to my desk (yay!) and some more yet to be framed. They are not included here either, but it sure makes me happy to look over at them!

But for now, here is a little peek at "my space". As you can probably tell, I decided to go with the season, all sparkly with snow flakes! "ColorWorkStudio" now looks like "ColorWorkStudio" again!

I just LOVE metallics! Though you can't really get the full effect of them here, I love the beautiful silvery pearlescence of photos done on metallic paper! Perfect for snow scenes in Manhattan.....or anywhere! (No, that is not a chandelier in Central Park up there! Please excuse all the reflections!)

So, if this is all it takes to make "work"  a little more fun, hey, why not, right? Now if I can just finish getting the other photos up next to my desk.....woo hoo! :)

Till next time, which will take you for a true "joy ride" down Broadway, NYC on a pedicab!

Have a great one! 

(happy) Keri :)


  1. I love it! Wonderful images - of course! - can't wait to see new images ... I promise to get my studio hung this month. You've inspired me to get off my duff ...

  2. LOL! Can't wait to see yours too! It does feel good to get things "under control" again, if only for awhile! :)

  3. Wow, it looks gorgeous! Well done you! :D