Saturday, November 10, 2012

Please Pass the Vitamin D!

Here in the northeast, as winter approaches, our days can get pretty gray, (actually, not so pretty!) under cloudy skies.

I love all the seasons, but I miss the sunny days of summer at this time of the year. I hate the gloominess! :(  Especially inside!  I open the curtains wide in the daytime to leave in as much light as possible. As the day goes on, and it starts getting darker, I run around putting on lights, & lighting candles.

So, here I am sitting in my kitchen after another gray day. As the darkness sets in tonight, I look out on the garden lights and remember summer fondly. Days full of sunshine and being outdoors. How to cope with the "winter blahs", which will surely come?

Vitamin D is a real necessity in this part of the country in the colder, darker months. So, I grab for the vitamins first. Then I put on the white "twinkle" lights in the window facing the garden.  They don't actually twinkle, but they brighten the room and my mood. Lights in the window, and lights in the garden, looking out through the window. They remind me of the amazing lightening bugs that were all over the yard just a few months ago. That's good.

Plants in the kitchen, the strawberry plant that is still producing strawberries (!), lavender, & herbs, in the other window become my indoor garden. That's good too.

I light a scented candle.....starting to feel better now.

The kitty on the table, "smiling" at me as I pet him, becomes the stand-in for the bunny that played nearby all summer long. Hmmm...maybe it will be okay.

Now, if I can just figure out how to have breakfast & lunch outside and give my indoor studio the same feeling as my outdoor (on the porch) studio, I just might be okay.

Pass the Vitamin D, please!

Till next time :)

P.S. Love to hear how you cope with the winter blahs!!!