Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Huckleberry & Finnie"

 Yes! Photo shoot accomplished! I am happy to say, I did not get lost again in the countryside!

And I got to meet two of the sweetest, most easy going horses, I could have ever hoped for! (Not too mention, a gorgeous blue sky with puffy clouds :)

This past weekend, I packed my gear again, and we headed off to the farm. Beautiful sunny day, no rain, no gray sky as there had been the weekend before. Perfect!

So, let me introduce you first to...."Huckleberry"
Huckleberry is a beautiful reddish brown horse. He was so cooperative and thankfully seemed undisturbed with having a new visitor.

And then there is.....
                 Sweet "Finnie".......

Finnie was so curious! She wanted to get close, a little too close! And I think she loved my camera too!

Hmmm...Let me explain something here........

I am NOT from the country, and these horses looked VERY big to me, especially inside the fence, up real close & personal! (Long horsey nose in my face, close!) Not to mention, watch those hooves....and be careful of the electric fence around the perimeter!

They were so gentle and easy going. My friend, who owns these lovely horses, told me they especially like being out in the field earlier in the morning when it is cooler. But they were very cooperative this sunny afternoon. A gentle wind blowing through their manes and tails may have helped!

Out in the field, when they weren't trying to get right in front of me.....they grazed...(Is that the right term for horses???)

A lovely afternoon in the country....so peaceful & beautiful! I could get used to this very easily. Although, I never lived in the country, I had spent quite a bit of time there as a child visiting and staying over weekends with family friends. I never forgot the wonderful sunny summer days, picking wild strawberries, & enjoying the pleasures of country living! So many happy memories there!

But this was my first real encounter with horses :) Several carrots and handfuls of grass later.....heh heh, no not from these hands, not ready for that yet! I'm still working on petting them while avoiding those big horsey teeth...I know I'm such a city chicken!

After they had amazingly seemed to pose here & there for me, it was time to say good-bye.....

....until the next time, when I might not be quite so shy....
    I hope!!!

Who knows where my camera will lead me next...?

I have learned that I don't always have to go "somewhere else" to find beauty & new things to explore...
It is truly all around us. 

Just look around you, & find yours! 
It might be closer than you think.

Keri  :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New seasons....new changes!

Hi there!

Very busy weekend...so, just a quick note!

I will be off today on my previously scheduled photo shoot in the country. Hoping all goes well! :)

Pretty pink Zinnias from last weekend........

"Flowers in the Sun"

I am also looking forward to sharing some new goodies with you here and on Etsy soon! So, I am trying to get the finishing touches on everything!

New season....new changes! 
Have a great weekend!