Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Serendipity in the City!

Every visit to the city brings surprises. New York City, that is! I never know exactly what I will find, even when I have a plan of where I will be heading, which I always do. But that is great! I wouldn't want it any other way! Who doesn't love surprises, right? At least, the good kind.... and these were the good kind!

This trip was no different in that respect, but it definitely WAS different from every other visit there. But that is what made it so much fun!

It had been quite awhile since I had been able to get away, especially for someone who was used to going just about every couple months or so in the past. And this time, I hadn't really had much time to even think about it! We were just going to go down for the day to see what we could find. "It's all about letting you get lots of photos," hubby said. Well, yes, lots of photos, of course, but it really is even more than that! It's the whole experience...the sights, the sounds, the amazing range of things to see & do, and so he left it all up to me.....anyplace I wanted to explore. Woohoo!!!

But the truth was, I really couldn't seem to find any time to even plan anything! I was just too busy with everything else. The night before I made a half-hearted attempt to check a few things out, but sleep was much more important. (Not that it is easy to sleep the night before! My mind can be awake all night just imagining all the things we could do :) But I had to get some sleep, so I would be awake, alert, & able to navigate around the city like a native New Yorker, which I am not.

I love Starbucks as much as anybody, but I didn't want to spend the whole day with my face in a big green & white cup of foamy, cinnamony.....oh well, of course I did, to some extent...but I didn't want to overcaffeinate myself to the point of no return either! So, I shut off the computer & closed the laptop (twice the googling, makes everything faster :), and went to sleep.

The next morning, off we went! When we finally got there, it was a bit later than usual. Lots of traffic this time of the year! As we headed along 42nd Street, with the thought of some new photos of the Chrysler Building, my fav, hubby said, "Where's a Starbucks around here?" I told him, "Give it a minute, they are on almost every other corner." I don't have every Starbucks mapped out down there, but then, I didn't need to. They really are, EVERYWHERE! Literally, moments later, I pointed and told him, "STARBUCKS!!!". Off we went for our usual lattes. Yes, he likes the pumpkin lattes, too :) It was packed, no seats anywhere. A lot of the Starbucks in NYC seem to be like that. Lots of coffee and goodies...lots of people waiting in line, but lot of cafes without enough seats, or even any seats. So, off we went, back outside with our steaming cups of frothy yumminess! 

Though I have been to the Chrysler Building many times, I had come down a different way. First of all, I was walking, not taking a cab or bus. We looked across the street and saw umbrellas and tables and chairs. How convenient! Perfect! Of course, I had heard of Bryant Park! I am sure I had probably even gone by it in the past on my way towards somewhere else. I don't recall ever being inside it.

Amazingly, the night before, I had seen photos of it on the net...and, here...completely unplanned and "Serendipity," (Love that movie! But then, you probably know that from my facebook page :) A "happy accident!" We were in Bryant Park! And, yes, even in winter, it was delightful! (Big nature lovers, you know! Must be those daily walks in the local park we started back in the summer.)

Tables & chairs were inside the gates, surrounding at least two sides of the perimeter. I could just imagine how wonderful it must be in the spring & summer. We set our cups, cams, and little brown & green bags of yummy cakes down, ready for a quiet breakfast in the park!

As it turned out, we weren't alone. We were being watched. There was a rustling in the bushes right next to us. In no time at all, we were "visited" by some little feathery friends. Breakfast in the park became breakfast in the park with the "birdies"! :) They obviously were used to being fed. They hopped right out & stared at us till we started sharing our "Cinnamon Swirl Cake" crumbs, which only took about a second or two! They were so cute! I think they got most of mine! I kept tossing crumbs and snapping their pictures! We thought it was a great way to start our day there! Sometimes it is the "quiet" simple things that really make it special when you least expect them!

Afterwards, we headed around the park. Little open air shops were along the center area of the park. More tables & places to sit....

Further over, we found a skating rink...who knew???

And there was more! I had a few things I still had to check out!

See you here to share more soon! :)



  1. Oh, I love reading about your NYC adventures!! What a lovely little park you found there! And these are some spoiled birdies :)It's quite unbelievable that Starbucks is always that packed, it seems everyone is getting their coffee there (and I would be no exception ;P) Can't wait to hear and see more! xxx

  2. :) They were so cute. They got as close as they could and looked right up at me, like..."cake now, please!" At least they let us have our lattes!

    As for Starbucks, not all, but most seem small & very busy, but on the corners everywhere! A quick duck in, and you are all warmed up! There is one at Rockefeller Center, which is inside and much bigger, and you can watch the ice skaters there while you enjoy your drink! Thanks, Danny!