Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Fun In The City!

So, there we were in NYC and quite unexpectedly, Bryant Park! (See my last post if you haven't already). Breakfast with the birds at the cute little tables & chairs...with our Starbuck's. Quite nice. After walking around the park and discovering the little shops inside and the ice skating rink, we came across a beautiful fountain in the center of the park.  I love water in almost any form! Ocean, fountain... it doesn't matter...the movement & sparkle! I had to make my way over to see pretty!

Then it was time to take a walk outside. More beautiful things to see!

The fence lining the park was wrought iron embellished with golden tops!

Such a lovely touch! I felt like I was in Paris :) N'est-ce pas?

Then, there it was.....The New York Public Library! This is the side entrance facing the park......

The photo below is part of the front....

Remember, "The Day After Tomorrow " with Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid? The one where the earth is icing over everywhere and Jake G. runs through the front door of the NY Public Library just in time before the whole building ices up & crackles???!!! This could be the one! :)

A fuller view of the front.....

And that was our unexpected visit to Bryant Park and the wonderful New York Public Library grounds. Next time, I have to go inside!

All of this took place on my way to the Chrysler Building, which I hadn't gotten new photos of in awhile.


This is all just a quick peek at what I found on my last trip down to the city! More will be released on Etsy as quickly as I can edit & post!

Taking a bit of a mid-winter blog break for now! See you all back here in January!

Cheers! :)



  1. Beautiful photos. I love Bryant Park, especially during the holiday season with all the little booths. Unfortunately I didn't make it there when I was in the City a couple of weeks ago :(

  2. Thank you, Claudia! I hadn't been there before, so it was a nice surprise!