Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walk in the Park: Under the Wisteria

Almost daily, I take a walk in a local park close to home. Like so many other places, it has so much throughout that feeds the eyes and the soul!

Nothing relaxes me much more than getting close to nature. Whether I am watching butterflies, hummingbirds, bunnies, or fireflies in the garden, seeing the mighty ocean, watching glorious sunsets reflected in every wave, or just enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and the simple beauty of a park, I am deeply grateful and just want to breathe it all in!  I want to save it with my camera or paint & brushes, or just impress a mental image to be remembered at a later time when least expected. Enjoyed once again, almost as much as the first time, perhaps, more. Memories.... happy moments, soften life.

So, here are a few more moments captured from these daily treks.....with more to come later.

One of my most favorite areas is a beautiful long white pergola & gazebo, which lines about one half of the duck/fish pond on one side.  In springtime, the white beams are covered with flowers of gorgeous pinkish lavender and white wisteria blossoms, which tumble across the top and down the sides. A stunning sight...... walking under them is a bit of heaven!

For a peek earlier in the springtime, see some of my previous blogs here:

More views of the park to come! :)


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