Thursday, August 30, 2012

Under the Pergola, Past the Gazebo.....

While spring in the park is lovely, summer at the park has its charm as well. The long white pergola, which is covered in spring with wisteria, starts to fill in more with green leaves, as it makes its way across the beams.

As you pass under the vines, there are benches where nature lovers and joggers can sit and catch their
breath. Looking up through the greenery, you can see beautiful blue skies as you watch the clouds go by. 

Making its way up the white pergola are purple clematis. Gorgeous starry shaped blossoms, they line both sides, along with pink & white wild roses! Heavenly!

As summer goes by, the vines spread out more and more across the top and down the sides, until it becomes an amazing tunnel of green! The pathway leads down to a pretty white gazebo in the center and then continues on.

Coming out on the other side and following the path around the pond, there are two little ducks that have been here since birth. They seem to be content to stay, though all the others have left.

They have a nice big pond all to themselves....surrounded by pine trees, a willow tree & more.....

 As the season moves on the pretty yellow water lilies start to fill the pond. The ducks love eating the flowers!

Rain or shine, the park is a favorite place for many to connect with nature and renew the human spirit!

And you just never know who you might meet there! :)

Till next time....
Have a great day!



  1. I need to go on walks with you -- such a beautiful area & you know all the flower names! Lovely images - Hope you had a fun day out today - can't wait to see what you post next! Cheers!

  2. awww....thanks, Chelsea! As a matter of fact, my afternoon was awesome! On my next post you will see why and get to meet some new "friends" of mine! ;)