Friday, August 10, 2012

This Artist's Garden

Though it doesn't look anything like Monet's wonderful garden at Giverny in France, (how I wish it did :) and it does require a fair amount of back breaking work, it is a happy retreat when I walk out to visit it and see how everything is growing. It is also so much fun to sit out on my little vintage, cottage chic porch and watch the rabbits, birds, hummingbirds, glitter bugs, (lightening bugs aka fireflies) & everything else that passes through!
So, welcome to my garden! Relax & stay awhile :)

The first thing you will notice on your way out are the beautiful Rose of Sharon bushes......

Looking back toward the house from the garden.....

One of the many bunnies heading toward the butterfly bush (so pretty with butterflies everywhere!)
            after munching on the lettuce....

Down to the English Lavender I love & am waiting to see spread throughout. Gorgeous scent!

On your next visit, you will see the other end of my humble little garden that brightens each day :)

Hope you have somewhere that makes your day brighter too! :)


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