Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The "Tuscan Side" of My Garden

I have almost always had a garden. I've planted everything from the usual lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, peas, etc., to strawberries, haricot verts, (french green beans) and potatoes. (Fun! Digging for buried treasure & finding out they actually grew!) I even tried an extremely small patch of corn that did not produce anything except stalks :)

Last year, I didn't do my garden in the traditional sense. With my new Etsy shop just opening at the end of January, time was very limited. So, other than the usual herbs that came up by themselves, I kept it simple and just put even more flowers than usual in pots on my front & back porches, along with some extra herbs. (Love the way flowers look in pots outside European cottages (think England, Ireland, France, & Italy!) and Greek courtyards (think "Mama Mia"!)

Having said all that, these days, just give me a nice little salad garden, some wonderful herbs, pretty blue cornflowers (or "Bachelor Buttons") alongside sunflowers, big & small, and I'm happy! Oh......and lots of flowers hanging (Must have a fuchsia!) and sitting in pots everywhere. (Have to have a hibiscus!)

But this year, we decided to have it all. My hubby (yes, of course, I have a wonderful husband!) and I decided to "take back" our garden! Though it was almost still completely there, we lost a few inches in the width of the garden. Over the years, our garden has extended further and further, and now we had to dig a bit more up! So while not exactly as wide as before, it is quite long. With a bit of a late start this year, losing a few plants through the winter, and hungry animals in the back yard, (who ate my daisies?!!!) it was also not quite as full as planned. But, we are quite happy with it!

So, if you saw my last post, ("This Artist's Garden") you have already visited the first half of my garden. Now come visit the other side, the sunniest side, where the herbs, tomatoes, & sunflowers grow, when all goes well.

"Honey Bee Heaven"

To get there, as noted in my last post, you have to go past the "Rose of Sharon" bushes. (Also past a new little member of my garden family, which you will hear about another time, that has just been planted and needs to get comfy out there.) You must go past the lettuce and the garlic chives to where the hydrangea should have been, where the purple phlox used to be, where the new butterfly bush now is, beyond where the daisies should still be, and past the English Lavender.....

As always there is a sweet little bunny or two. (who definitely ate the pretty phlox by the garlic chives!) This one thought I wouldn't know the difference between him (or her) and my lavender. (The onion chives have been moved since this photo was taken.) Note driftwood... brought back from a beach on the coast of Maine!

Next comes what I call the Tuscan side....the herbs..... Greek oregano and/or Italian, basil, etc. (Also thyme & parsley.) The bunnies ate the parsley, but it is coming back. No blue flowers this year. They had to be moved after blooming and didn't quite recover! *sigh*

Then onto the tomatoes, big & small...and my happy little sunflowers.....

....and my happy big sunflowers...(This is actually a close up of one of the smaller ones.) The mammoths haven't blossomed yet, but will very soon. Again, a later than usual planting, so I am very happy to have any!

  "Happy Face"

So, now you have seen my garden, or at least most of it! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! I hope you enjoyed it. Love to hear your comments :)

Have a wonderful week, & see you here again soon!


P.S. "Honey Bee Heaven" & "Happy Face" are now available on Etsy!
You can find me at: www.colorworkstudio.etsy.com

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