Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Part III....My Journey Continues...NYC!

And so my journey continues! From the beach, to "France" (sort of....see part II), to another City of Lights......New York City!

Although I had been to New York City from time to time in the past and had always enjoyed it, I had roamed around it a bit like any tourist, not sure of where I was going, but very happy to be there!

Something new & exciting is around every corner. Buildings so tall! Lights so bright! I had never seen anything like Times Square before. The lights from all the theaters, restaurants, hotels, etc. surround you, & the huge screens (Sony, Toshiba, Coca Cola) are all bright & enormous! Native New Yorkers, tourists, and probably a good assortment of celebrities, all move "en masse", shoulder to shoulder, especially as day turns into night!

The energy & excitement in Times Square can make you feel like you too could sing on a float in a parade, or  dance to one of those Broadway tunes without missing a step! Or...if, like me, you are way too shy for that, you will just want to take pictures of EVERYTHING that does or doesn't move, till anyone who happens to be along with you for the day wants to throw you & your camera/cameras off the Empire State Building! (Yes, I have photos of hands in front of my camera lenses. Probably, most good photographers do :)

Back to the city.....The traffic is so heavy and never really seems to come to a complete stop. If the cabs aren't coming from one direction, they are coming at you from another! (Except when you REALLY need to get back uptown, it's getting late, & you have already tried to flag one down for the past 13 long, long, long, honestly, long blocks, which you have already walked. But it is so much fun being in one, and most "cabbies' are friendly & fun to chat with! Love the ride down Park Avenue, through the tunnel, flying & zipping along on my way down to lower Manhattan. I always try to get a glimpse at my favorite, the Chrysler Building, as we pass 42nd!

At any rate, I started going to New York City more frequently than before and eventually knew my way around, possibly even better than where I lived. But this time, I went for a different reason. I wanted to see some of the amazing art that I had studied about! I spent ALOT of time in the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art), especially in the "Impressionists" galleries. (But seriously, who could resist seeing the ancient treasures of Egypt as well!) Amazingly, I saw works by Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, & so many others! The very first painting I saw was a huge painting by Renoir of little girls sitting at a piano. The colors of their hair, their skin tones, clothing, and the detail left me almost speechless. There were glorious pastels by Degas of ballerinas dressed in every hue of the rainbow, glitteringly beautiful in their tutus! Paintings by very large painting where you felt like you were walking through a garden, looking down at the plants as you walked...and right in the lower right hand corner, there was a blob of yellow paint. I pictured Monet squeezing that last bit of paint out for the finishing the period at the end of a very important sentence.

Another trip to the city on one chilly fall day brought me to the MOMA (Modern Museum of Art), filled with contemporary art. The following photos were taken several years ago. Flashes were not allowed, and that combined with the camera I was using at the time created a VERY abstract effect! One that I actually found interesting considering they were taken in the Museum of Modern Art! The photos came out somewhat distorted, shadowy, and blurred, but kind of perfect for the situation!. :)

Visitors viewing the many works of art!

This one is one of my favorites! "Moment in Time"

I exhibited these and a few others in public, and happily they were accepted quite well! So afraid no one would understand what I was trying to say, but they "got it"! :)

But I kept waiting and watching for the special something that I just had to see! There were several panels of Monet's "Waterlilies"! Yes, the "Waterlilies"!!! Beautiful colors of blues, lavenders, pinks, creamy whites, & dark greens blended and swirled around each canvas! One more photo.....Please remember that these images were distorted & very blurry, & that I did not take this photo! I am also not a big pumpkin head with very frizzy hair! Though I do have a lot of hair and have been told I am really easy to find in a crowd, even in NYC! :) I am sharing it only so you can see the Waterlilies, if only in abstract form! Still beautiful!

"Monet & Me"

 Someday soon, I will have to go back again!

From there, what can I say? My love for art and the ocean...studying the Impressionists...being inspired by their work, both in books and in the wonderful museums of New York City,...led me to painting impressionistic seascapes, ocean photography, and painting seashells collected on the beach.

"Tropical Sunset"....

"I Dream of the Sea"......

"Seagull Serenade".....(all available on Etsy!)

Taking photos in New York City, whether the excitement of Times Square, the quiet, romantic cafes of Little Italy, or the beauty that is Central Park, gave me another world to share as well!

Though it seemed like one thing had nothing much to do with the other, all things eventually merged together  and finally became...... "ColorWorkStudio".

So that is my story......(Much longer than I expected! Forgive me! :)

I hope my little journeys "from the city to the beach" brighten, color, & enrich your world as they have mine!

Keri  :)

P.S. As on Etsy, all photos and art reproductions are featured in low resolution to protect the! :)


  1. Love your story, Keri!! NYC looks like such a dynamic, amazing place! You know, I've always wanted to sit in a yellow cab :) Oooh, if you love the museums you should visit Paris!! And Monets gardens, you would love that!! I'm quite fond of the Impressionists myself, I've always admired their ability to make common scenes completely magical! I really loved reading this, thank you! Oh, and your hair is awesome! :D xxx

  2. You're right! I SHOULD visit Paris! And I have always wanted to see Giverny! Maybe a land far, far away..sigh..

    As for my hair, I think it has its own zip code!(mailing zone)LOL :)Thank you for your sweet comments! X0X0

  3. o.k. made it through part III and had a little laugh 1) because the Chrysler Buildiging is also my favorite and 2) your description of not getting a cab when you really need one - I had that one not too long ago.
    Beautiful story, I'll be following your blog now :)