Monday, August 27, 2012

"Lost in Paradise"

"Serendipity". "The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way." Don't you just love when life surprises you?

This past weekend, I had a photo shoot scheduled in the countryside. I had been waiting for some time to take photos of horses (didn't want to say "shoot horses") in their natural environment.

The area really wasn't too far away from where we live, and hubby, (who thinks he has a built in GPS), was driving. He said he knew exactly where they were and would not need directions. (of course :)  So, with cameras in tow, off we went......out in the countryside, left here, right there, up this mountain, down that road, around several bends, etc., etc., etc. 

They say when you go somewhere, leave yourself plenty of time "to get lost & found again". Good advice! We were definitely not where we were supposed to be.  We called for clearer directions, but we were way off in the other direction. They weren't even sure where we were! Thankfully, it was a kind friend who loves to spend every minute she can with her horses. We rescheduled and called it a day.

We then followed the country road out, hoping to find civilization again,  and finally ended up back down another mountain, which put us back in the city, very close to home! No horse horses...missed the shoot  :( But most of all, I felt bad about my friend waiting, though I knew she visits them often and didn't mind at all. I had already planned to give her some nice photos from the day and now maybe a little something extra.

Back home, my husband & I felt bad things ended up the way they had. We rechecked the directions and where we had been to see what could have possibly gone so wrong. It had seemed so easy!!! Then he suggested we try to find the farm again, that very day, and "yes," he would follow directions this time. (thank you very much! :)

Off we went again, cameras, cold drinks, & snacks. (Just in case we ended up spending the night in the woods, though I didn't tell him that! LOL.)

A short time later, breezing along through the countryside again......"turn left at the firehouse".....we passed a firehouse with the correct road sign. (Why hadn't we seen that before???) First of all, the firehouse building was BLUE! Who looks for a BLUE firehouse???! So, I insisted we go back, though hubby thought it was further down. We had to turn around at this little shed, and upon gazing out, we saw this field of flowers, we had never seen before. Very shortly after, it all came together, and we were there! Too late, of course, but we found it for next time. We eventually realized the road could be entered on one end, and later made a U turn off the mountain, where it came back out onto the same road. We had apparently gotten on the road, (having missed the BLUE firehouse!) at the further end, putting us far away from where we were going.

At this point, we decided to check out the flower field on the way back to take a few pictures so it wasn't a complete loss. I AM SO GLAD WE DID!

The closer we got, the more beautiful the scenery was. I hopped out and took a few photos (several...... lots!........who am I kidding here, right?) from a short distance away. Then, I started walking closer and closer, until I was right next to them! It was so gorgeous, no matter which way I looked! Hubby was very patient, as I clicked away....
"Champ de Fleurs" translation, Field of Flowers

As I took pictures of this amazing view...I looked around and could barely believe we had ended up here! If we hadn't gotten lost and come back to figure out why, I might never have seen this special place. Mountains, rolling hillsides, flowers, and hay piles rolled up neatly beyond! Though the day was a bit pretty!

"Lost in Paradise"

 Up close was even better, if possible....just one of many flower "portraits" taken that day! 

 "Merveille" translation, Dream, Wonder, Marvel

At this point, I headed back and saw my husband waving to me to hurry. When I got in the car, he told me he had just noticed a "no trespassing" sign posted! I guess it must have been a field planted especially for commercial purposes, the local farmers market, or whatever! I was even more thankful that I had been able to shoot so many photos undisturbed, and of course, I left the field as I found it. No flowers were injured in the making of these pictures. :)

And so, what did I learn that day? Just may not know if you are lost, or if you are right where you are supposed to be..........until you see how it turns out later! 



P.S. All photos above, now available on Etsy, with more to come from that lovely day "in paradise"! 


  1. Wonderful post, Keri! It seems getting lost works in your favour :) Such a gorgeous view! Ooo, and I love those hay piles, saw them in Germany too (they always make me want to jump out of the car to take pics, but I promised the hubby to sit still till we actually stopped ;P)

    1. Yes, I couldn't believe how getting lost turned into such a wonderful "find"! And I know exactly how you feel about waiting for the car to stop :) Thank you! So glad you stopped by!

  2. I love the rounds of hay too - there is something so photographic about them! My husband is the same way - waits patiently while I snap snap snap away. Now he has a kiddo to keep him entertained so I can go do my thing!

    Looks like you had a wonderful day (or two!) - Can't wait to see the rest of your images!


    1. I know! I loved the flower field, but then I saw the hay rolls and the mountains and hillsides! It was like a dream! We went Saturday afternoon...such fun! Good thing for patient hubbies, right? Thanks, Chels! :)