Friday, July 6, 2012

When the Sun Shines..... Painting Outdoors!

As you may already know, although most of my work on Etsy is photography, a good portion of it also consists of my impressionistic seascapes, as well as a fashion illustration or two. (I do have to dig a few more of those out one of these days!) So, I thought I would share something with you today that is a favorite activity of mine, especially in the summer :)

When the sun shines, there is a gentle breeze, and the humidity does not feel like 400% .........I love to paint "en plein air." This is a french expression meaning to paint "in the open air", as in painting outdoors.

My studio does get "bathed" in sunlight late afternoon till evening, as it is doing right now, which I love! It draws me like a moth to the flame! LOL. But I actually do not get to paint as often as I would like. Although I do love photography, my first love has always been art, because there is where I began. My next blog post will take you back with me to my humble beginnings :) ....."Before ColorWorkStudio"

My absolute favorite way to paint outdoors is on the beach with the surf going in & out, seagulls crying softly in the distance, the sun shining (but not totally melting me down!), & a nice little sea breeze to make it even better!

But for now, here's a peek at what I do when I can't be there, & what surrounds me while I am doing it :)
The following photos were just taken a few days ago. Here I have set up seashells, paints, palette, favorite Cape May water cup, brushes, & painting rag on a side porch.....

 surrounded by pretty flowers all around.....


This is the seashell that I was working on....not quite finished yet....:may need a final touch up :), needs varnish, a coat of pretty pearlescent white paint on the other side, and a mini photo "session' in good light for Etsy! 

Here is another one that I had done in my "outdoor" studio in the past. (Sold on Etsy, but the photo is still available)

This one went to the same happy hand painted seashell collector! (Hated to part with this one!)

This one I am happy to tell you that I still have! (Couldn't part with it! LOL :)

This one below should be available on Etsy this week, if all goes according to plan, but when does that ever happen! :) No, really! should be ready....its not going to a museum, right? Its just a seashell! I'll try to keep that in mind! I might be a bit too fussy! :)

Thank you for joining me, & I hope this has been fun for you too! :)

Till my next post......"Before ColorWorkStudio"....!



  1. Love this post, Keri! Wow, I can imagine it being so much fun to paint outdoors! It looks wonderful and you seem to have gorgeous weather! Enjoy! xxx

  2. Thanks, Danny! Yes, when I can't be at the beach, it kind of brings the beach to me when I am painting seashells!:) Thanks for stopping by! Now I have to catch up on what you are doing on your blog :)