Sunday, July 15, 2012

Before ColorWorkStudio.......Part I

I have been busy editing and shooting new photos for the season, in between missing the beach & NYC desperately! (Especially the beach at this time of the year!) But sadly, there is no time right now for either :( Hopefully, next month will find me at the shore & in the city! :) Can't wait, but must!

Until then, as promised, I am going to tell (& show) you a little bit about what I did "before ColorWorkStudio"!

Hmmm. Let's see. As mentioned before, it all started with Art. My dad was an artist, and like so many artists, I started off at a VERY early age with drawing. I guess I "inherited" the artistic tendency from my dad, but later I also studied and took some oil painting classes at a local museum for a time. (The smell of the oils gave me headaches! :)

I continued drawing in pencil & ink. I especially loved doing fashion illustration and did a bit of that for some businesses in my area for a time.
I explored various mediums & loved pastels! I did a bit of watercolor, & loved the soft, fluid effects, as well as the wonderful special effects that could be done with them! Then I eventually discovered acrylics, which I loved, because I found a way to use them like soft watercolors, but they could also be used for an "impasto" which is a term for a thick effect if desired. (Think Van Gogh or Monet!) They also dried so much faster than oils. (For me, that was a good thing!)

Okay, so hopefully, I haven't already bored you to tears!

My next post will tell you, what happened next, and how I "found" myself! (No, it wasn't in Paris, wish it was!) Just watched "Sabrina" the other night. She "found" herself in Paris.....soooo jealous! :)

Until then....see you very soon for Part II :)


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