Monday, June 11, 2012

What Beatrix Potter Knew

We've all read the books, seen the movies....cute little bunny running around the garden and away from Mr. McGregor. A day in the life of Peter Rabbit.

Whether bunnies, kittens, or ducks, etc., Beatrix Potter wrote & sketched her way through book after book, charming us all with her wonderful little stories & cute little drawings of furry creatures.

I now know what Beatrix Potter knew...It is one thing to read about it in a book, or see it in a movie, but common though they are, these little creatures truly are amazing. I now understand how she could sit and watch them for hours, sketching their every move, and making up little stories to go along with her drawings.

Having said that, here is the little bunny that visits our garden every day....

He has kindly decided that the green grass surrounding the garden is quite tasty too, so we are both quite happy about that.

Amazingly, he doesn't seem to mind company at all....even up close. He is a little camera shy though. It is not always easy to get his picture.

Even though I am not a "bunny" kind of artist....(I paint the sea!), I just might have to sketch him one of these days. Then I will really understand what Beatrix Potter knew.

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