Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Walk in the Park

So many pictures, so little time! This one is from a series of photos that were shot this spring at a nearby park. It is one of many taken on the same day as "Gazebo in Springtime' that I still have to work my way through!

I thought of calling it "serendipity......something or other", as it was certainly a happy accident! I hadn't realized that I had changed the setting on the camera I was using at the time and instead of shooting in full color, I had a mostly gray image with touches of the bright pink flowers, which I loved! For some strange reason, I seem to have an unusual affinity for pink lately, so this was a pleasant surprise. This is a preliminary peek at the first of several "pink pretties", which will soon be available on Etsy upon final tweaking & approval of moi!

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