Monday, June 18, 2012

Plan B

You may have noticed that I did not get to post a photo yesterday! My giveaway kind of took center stage for obvious reasons! Forgive me! :)

I had initially planned to post a photo here everyday. It seemed like a great idea for both of us! I would be sure to "shoot" photos daily, (not always easy with a hectic schedule!), and you would get to see them.

After only 17 days, I realized along the way that this was not really going to work as I had hoped, (for various reasons) and that a "Plan B" would be necessary!

While I will post photos as often as possible, I want to be able to share other things with you as well!

As an "Etsian", I spend so much time listing, editing, processing, renewing, etc., etc. etc., that very little time has been left lately to actually do what I do......painting & photography!

So, I have decided to take a little mini "working" vacation! Time to "play" with my new Nikon that I have barely had a chance to even pick up!!! Some quality time at the drawing/painting board, before I completely lose my sanity :), (any artist will understand this part!). Hopefully this will be good for me & my wonderful followers here, on Etsy & facebook!

So, knowing me, I will probably still post on Etsy, facebook, & here in between moments away "playing" with my camera & paints! I am already working on some new things that I am really looking forward to sharing with you! You might hardly even notice my little "break" (a week?), so please don't stop popping in to visit me here & there!

Till then....have a great one!

Back soon!


P.S. You can still reach me here, on facebook, or Etsy. I will check my mail! :)


  1. Hi hon! That sounds like a wonderful idea to me! It's all about doing what you love! Of course sharing is great, but not if it feels like something you HAVE to do! Go have fun, enjoy yourself, play and then come back to tell us all about it! :D
    (Oh by the way, I was wondering: which Nikon do you have? I'm saving for a new camera and I'd love to hear some thoughts!)

  2. Thanks, D!
    Sending you a note on Etsy :)

  3. Sounds like a good idea; I did that -- my beginning of year mini-break -- it did me good & now I have a bit more vim & vigor!

    I'm still sorting out some kind of schedule. FB vs Blog with Etsy kinda hovering over it all. Enjoy your break - recharge & poof! New images, fun stuff to write about - perfect!

    Talk to you soon!

  4. Love that "poof" part! LOL. I actually took off yesterday and spent quite a bit of the afternoon getting new shots. It felt so good, and I loved what I found! Can't wait to share them, but I know I need to take a bit of time to refresh. Then, "poof",and I will be back! :)

    Keep in touch, Chelsea!