Monday, June 4, 2012

This Old House

While I am not a huge fan of all things old & vintagey, I do love beach house, shabby, and cottage chic decor, but to a certain point.  I don't really want rust on my indoor furniture or a superabundance of peeling paint everywhere, though I appreciate that some do, and that is fine if that is what you like!  Life would surely be boring if we all liked exactly the same things, and that was all there was available to choose from!

But, even I have to admit, there are certainly many things that have a wonderful kind of charm to them, even as they crumble.  A sense of time, a history, a glimpse into past lives and what they may have been like.....yes, I love that too.

For some reason, old whitewashed stone houses or walls catch my eye, especially if there is a garden nearby.

So, today my photo for the day is this whitewashed stone foundation with wooden & wire trellises, which are training the succulent blackberries & blueberries that will soon come in summer.

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  1. I love shabby chic decor too!!! :)